Story 15 Fountain of Youth


Once upon a time there was a village that guarded the “Fountain of Youth”.

and everyday they would take the children of the village there to learn the path and to teach them life lessons.

until one day someone discovered the villagers and followed them to the fountain.

and because of this a map was made with directions to the greatest treasure on the planet.

and because of this many people fought and tried to take control of the fountain.

until finally the map, directions and even the village was destroyed.

and ever since that day no one has been able to find the “Fountain of Youth”


OK here are the story cubes,  followed by the format I use.  Feel  to use them to make your own stories and ideas and post them online.

Story 15a #creativechaoticconcepts #rorysstorycubes #romeocharlieart

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Once upon a time

and everyday

until one day

and because of this

and because of this

until finally

and ever since that day



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