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Story 62 Star Light Star Bright


Once upon a time there was a man cursed with an terrible cough.
And everyday he would visit new doctors hoping to find a cure, but they all said the same thing, incurable cough.
Until one day he heard you could wish upon a shooting star to get a wish granted.
And because of this he set out wishing and wishing, but they were all planets and not shooting stars.
And because of this he a bought a telescope to search the sky for stars.
Until finally he found a shooting star and wished for a curse free life, and his cough stopped.
And ever since that day he’s been selling tickets to people to use his telescope to find stars.


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Story 61 Dream On


Once upon a time there was a mad scientist.
And everyday he would lock up his subjects in different testing rooms and evaluate them.
Until one day he noticed one subject had reverted to a child like state.
And because of this he began conducting additional experiments to determine cause and effects.
And because of this he decided to become a doll to get first hand observation of his subject’s state of mind.
Until finally the scientist awoke and he could not determine if his dream was just a dream or if he was now dreaming that was he was awake.
And ever since that day he’s been trying to perfect an endless dream potion so he can finish conducting his experiments.


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Story 60 A Mother’s Nature


Once upon a time there was a magical forest created by mother nature.
And everyday animals of all kinds would gather under the tall trees and take refuge from the sun.
Until one day an elephant form a nearby town got loose and eventually ran off into the forest.
And because of this men form the town started searching for her wondering which way she went.
And because of this men eventually found the magic forest, but still they could not find the elephant.
Until finally they started cutting down all the trees, leaving no where for the animals to go.
And ever since that day mother nature has been at war with mankind for killing so many of her children.


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Story 59 Breaking Point


Once upon a time there was an archer in training.
And everyday he would practice shooting arrow after arrow at short to long range targets, but he never seemed to improve.
Until one day he got so angry that he snapped his bow in half and used it to physically attack the target dummy.
And because of this his instructor knew he did not have the patience to be an archer.
And because of this he was transferred to a position training in a more hands on environment.
Until finally he learned that his rage had a time and place to be used for his advantage.
And ever since that day he’s been fighting as a beserker in the kings army.


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Story 58 Space the Ancient Frontier

Once upon a time there was a very inquisitive historian.
And everyday he would try to unlock the mysteries of the ancient wonders of the world.
Until one day an ancient text appeared that seemed to mention pyramid construction techniques.
And because of this he went on a journey further and further down the rabbit hole.
And because of this he discovered many different techniques used to construct some of the ancient wonders.
Until finally he was able to discover the actual techniques used to build the great pyramids.
And ever since that day he’s been lecturing about the lost construction techniques of an ancient space crab race.

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Story 57 Around the world

Once upon a time there was a dreamer

And everyday he would dream about seeing the world.

Until one day he decide to stop dreaming and start seeing, so he began selling off everything he owned.

And because of this he kept only a few things to carry in his bag, making it quick and easy to get on and off his transportation.

And because of this he started planning his travel arrangement and itinerary, where he had to visit first and how to get there.

Until finally he had everything sold off or packed in his bag and was ready to head out on his trip around the world.

And ever since that day he’s been hopping on plane’s, trains and automobiles all over the world.


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WB02.2 Worlds and Planets (Seismology/Tectonics and Climatology)

WB02.2 Worlds and Planets (Seismology/Tectonics and Climatology)


After this module you will have  created/generated the gross physical characteristics of your world by generating linked regions of water and land and work out overall climates and prevailing currents and winds.

Plate Tectonics

Continents and seas ride on crustal plates that float on the softer, hotter material of the planet’s mantle. Their movement is almost imperceptible by human standards.  Friction and collision between moving plates can result in earthquakes, volcanoes and the formation of mountain ranges to say the least.
In your fantasy world this can be caused by anything from god’s, elemental panes,  magic , restless Deities etc etc  whatever you feel fits your story and campaign. You can invent how your planets geology functions.

Our earth’s crust is divided up into plates, and all the continents and seas rest on top of those plates. You’ll find that the greatest seismic activity will be at the edges of the plates.

A typical earth sized world would have 4d4 plates, with each plate spanning 1d6 regions on the world map. If using this method and you run out of regions make the remaining regions a single-region plate.

The guidebook has tables for rolling up the following:

  • Mountain chains and Rifts (Trench systems)
  • Adjustments for Gravity World
  • Volcanic Activity
  • Earthquake Activity
  • Geological Activity on Fantastic Worlds


Mountain chains and Rifts (Trench systems)

To use the table  choose one plate and roll d% to determine movement and characteristics with the adjacent plate.

Mountain ranges are the best place to find colliding plates, and rifts are the best place to find receding plates.  Mountains tend to form in chains or ranges instead of clumps with volcanoes being an exception.

Adjustments for Gravity World

If your world has higher gravity your mountains will be smaller, if you have lower gravity it will be larger. Check the size/adjustment chart if this is applicable to your world.

On Mars Mons Olympus is 80,000 feet high, compare to Everest on Earth at 30,000 feet.

Volcanic Activity

Volcanic activity is the result of the planets’ seismic stress and heat, or whatever fantastical explanation you created. Other nearby moons, or celestial bodies, can affect planetary stress as well.

If you have volcanoes on your world you can roll to check for type of activity. Roll d% and refer to the table in the guidebook.

Earthquake Activity

Plates can  also cause earthquake activity.  The table in the guidebook can help you determine the strength and frequency of the activity using d%.

Geological Activity on Fantastic Worlds

There’s an alternative if you don’t want to use plates, check the tables on Optional Regional Mountain Placement and Fantastic Mountain Properties in the guidebook. It uses d% for placement and properties.


In  my world or current island location I know I wanted mountains and will adjust tectonic plates after their design. Remember these are guides based on real earth like worlds but it’s your campaign and story.


This is the last step affecting the entire planet. World climate has, for this reference, five possible categories:

  • Arctic
  • Sub-Arctic
  • Temperate
  • Sub-Tropic
  • Tropic

These five categories create nine distinct bands of climate. Each band can have significant local variations.

The guidebook has two tables on climatology, Planetary temperature  and Seasonal variations.

Planetary Temperature

Planetary Temperature determines the mean temperature which can range from frozen to inferno etc. The mean temp of the planet can cause climate bands to be one or two steps higher or lower then normal. you can roll to determine the temp or perhaps you already have one in mind.

Seasonal Variations

Seasonal variations can be scientific or even something out of Greek mythology. They can range Mild to Extreme or none  at all.

In my current world i’m using normal for temp and variations. Although other planets in my multiverse will be adjusted later on when developed.

Prevailing Winds and Ocean currents

General rule of thumb for earth like worlds: In the Northern hemisphere currents move  clockwise in motion and for the Southern hemisphere it is counter clockwise. Use the equator as a dividing line for anything that crosses over.

For wind patterns Oceans and large land masses  support huge pressure cells that generate weather patterns and prevailing winds. The winds still rotate clockwise and counter clockwise like currents.