Story 34 Cavern of Sorrows

Once upon a time there was a goddess that would consume the sadness and sorrow mankind.
An everyday people would travel to her temple to unburden their sadness and sorrow, and the wailing could be heard miles away so the the temple became known as the wailing cavern.
Until one day the goddess had consumed so much sadness and sorrow that her tears fell to the earth, creating a river, blocking the way to the cavern.
And because of this people could not get to the cavern to unburden their sorrows.
And because of this the goddess became sad herself making the river deeper, wider and with an increasingly fast current.
Until finally everyone decided to work together and built a bridge over the river.
And ever since that day you’ve been able to cross the river of tears to get to the cavern of sorrows.


Story 34 #creativechaoticconcepts #rorysstorycubes #romeocharlieart

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