Story 65 Here be Dragons


Once upon a time, in days of olde, it was said that great dragons existed.

And everyday people would whisper tales about the great dragon wars and how they reshaped the land.

Until one day someone found a large egg shaped rock and brought it to the village.

And because of this, the villagers began whispering about it being a sign of a new age, while others just proclaimed it a new apocalypse.

And because of this an uneasy feeling started to settle across the village as people began preparing for the worst.

Until finally, under the light of a waxing moon, the egg began to hatch and the village lay paralyzed in fear of the coming apocalypse.

And ever since that day the village has been protected by the cutest gargoyle ever, well cute by gargoyle standards.


Story 65 #creativechaoticconcepts #rorysstorycubes #romeocharlieart #storyspine

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