Story 73 The Moon is made of Cheese?


Once upon a time there were scientists that wondered what the moon and other planets were made of.

And everyday they would debate theories online, even the so called ‘theory’ that the moon was made of cheese, not all of them were sane it seemed.

Until one day the Space Exploration Society, or SPEXS , was formed and they gathered scientists form all over to begin designing remote space probes.

And because of this each nation was given a different planet to design modifications for, based on distances and other factors.

And because of this they designed and began creating a universal, modular probe  so that resources could be shared.

Until finally all the probes had been built and launched, with great fanfare and ceremony.

And ever since that day they’ve been getting data from every probe to begin cataloging. But one thing they did confirm is that neither the moon, nor any of the planets, are made of cheese.


Story 73 #creativechaoticconcepts #rorysstorycubes #romeocharlieart #storyspine

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