WB03.3 Reginal Continents and Geography ( “Human” Geography)

“Human” Geography

For our purpose this will include demi-human, humanoid or monstrous geography.

There are several basic  components for this:

  • Races
  • Culture
  • Kingdom and States
  • Monsters and Ecosystems

This week will be mainly looking at Races and Culture.

  • Races
    • Identify the kingdom building , intelligent, races with in the region
      • Dominate Races-account for 1/4 or more of the sentient population
        • The region normally includes d3-1 dominate races
      • Major Races-account for 1/20-1/5 of the total population
        • The region normally includes d4+2 major races
      • Minor Races-account for less than 1/20 of the total population
        • The region normally includes 4d4 minor races
    • You can use the table in the guidebook or create your own.
    • Marine and Subterranean Races
      •  Marine
        • Region contains any sizable bodies of water
        • 2d-1 dominate races
        • d3 major races
        • d4 minor races
      • Subterranean
        • d2-1 dominate races
        • d4 major races
        • d6 minor races


  • Culture
    • Rough Guidelines
      • Dominate race includes d4+1 separate cultures or sub-races
      • Major race includes d3  cultures or sub-races
      • Minor race can include d2 cultures or sub-races
    • Geographic features often define borders of different cultural groups.
    • Sub-races serve as different cultural groups for the race.
    • If a race has no sub-races it may have cultural differences.
    • Races or cultures tend to have common geographical factors, or settlement patterns, linking their kingdoms and states together.
      • Hydrographical Grouping
        • Coastal/seafaring
        • Inland /nomadic
        • Riverine
      • Favored Terrain
        • Grasslands
        • Forests
        • Jungles
        • Marshes/swamps
        • Scrub lands/deserts
        • Hills/highlands
        • Mountains
      • Favored Climate
        • Tropical
        • Sub-Tropical
        • Temperate
        • Sub-Arctic
        • Arctic
      • Geographical Grouping
        • Northeast quadrant
        • Southeast quadrant
        • Southwest quadrant
        • Northwest quadrant
    • Kingdom, state or tribal federation
      • Each culture or sub-race will include d8-3 
      • Realm size for races
        • Dominate – 6d6 hexes
        • Major – 4d6 hexes
        • Minor – d8 hexes
      • They usually extend out to some natural boundary and follow terrain and geographical features.


As with everything this are suggestions and options if you have something developed  adjust your world to fit your needs.




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