Story 78 On Guard

Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, there was a renowned training academy.

And everyday people would learn combat techniques and practice hand to hand combat.

Until one day the instructors changed they way they practiced, using real weapons in place of sparring ones.

And because of this the students injuries began to increase in severity and frequency.

And because of this it became more difficult to conduct training with fewer and fewer participants.

Until finally a physician was brought in to look at the injuries and treat them, giving them all his ‘magic pill’ and sending them back out to the practice field.

And ever since that day the kingdom has had to look out for the welfare of the ever growing population of medically discharged “retirees” the academy created.


Story 78 #creativechaoticconcepts #rorysstorycubes #romeocharlieart #storyspine

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