Story 79 Lockdown

Once upon a time the was an interplanetary prison colony.

And everyday the prisoners worked to maintain the life support systems and other services, mainly out of a self serving need for survival.

Until one day there was a malfunction in the security system and the colony was stuck in a permanent lock-down.

And because of this the colony was in danger of further malfunctions happening to the life support systems with no one able to maintain them.

And because of this special repair technicians were brought in to work on the malfunctioning security system, under strict supervision.

Until finally repairs were complete and the technicians had departed.

And ever since that day there have been no guards and no active security systems on the colony, just a one way trip to the planet .

Story 79 #creativechaoticconcepts #rorysstorycubes #romeocharlieart #storyspine

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