Story 82 Work it Out

Once upon a time there was a training facility that was always open and had staff on hand to help with your training.

And everyday people would come in and use the same equipment at the same time, “claiming” it for the duration of their workout.

Until one day a guy came in to use ‘his’ medicine ball and it was missing, gone, not in it’s storage place.

And because of this  he started getting angry that he could not use ‘his’ equipment for his workout and began searching for whoever stole it.

And because of this  he interrupted many people’s workouts and caused quite the commotion going from one person to the next interrogating them.

Until finally the trainers on staff had to pull him aside and question his actions, explaining the rules and terms of the facility and it’s use.

And ever since that day the facility marks everything with “PROPERTY of GLOBO GYM” in big bold letters for everyone to see.



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