Story 83 Grub in a Box

Once upon a time there was a spy I mean a diplomat working in an embassy in a far away country.

And everyday the ‘diplomat’ would sift through all the information gathered from local sources, looking for any important intelligence.

Until one day he found information that was ‘too hot’ for the local embassy to handle. So the embassy needed to get the information passed on in a timely manner and safely.

And because of this they had to create a new method for contacting, and subsequently delivering to, the courier that was safe and secure.

And because of this  several methods were brainstormed and evaluated. Anything from a singing telegram service to some ‘clearing house’ giveaway winner was looked at.

Until finally they decide to create something everyone uses, a food delivery service.

And ever since that day, HOT GRUB in a BOX, has been using it’s home delivery service to help delivery ‘hot’ items around the world.


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