Story 85 Book Amoeba

Once upon a time there was a book amoeba, so named because they would only read books and leach off of society.

And everyday he would sit and ‘devour’ book after book but he never shared any knowledge or information and never seemed to use it.

Until one day a ball was kicked and it ricocheted around until it bounced into him and his books.

And because of this he was startled and then became angry at the violent assault perpetuated upon him.

And because of this he got and tried to do something no amoeba had done before, he got up and raced after his attackers to face them down.

Until finally, after a very short distance, he had to give up the chase as he had no capacity for strenuous labor.

And ever since that day he’s been reading his books in a classified, highly secure facility to prevent any further attacks.



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