Story 86 Peanuts Galore

Once upon a time there was a craftsman that ordered his supplies from all over the world.

And everyday he would open a package and dump out all the packing peanuts  used to protect his supplies.

Until one day he wondered what he could do with them besides throwing them away.

And because of this he thought of several possibilities to recycle them, but decided it would be more fun to use them for a project.

And because of this he began collecting them until he had enough to reform them into a giant, melted mass of Styrofoam ready for sculpting.The he pulled out his sculpting tools and his real project began.

Until finally he had his ‘piece de resistance’ completed and ready to be sealed to protect the Styrofoam.

And ever since that day he’s been creating Styrofoam statues from his recycled packing peanuts.



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