Story 88 Quiet Please

Once upon a time a pharmaceutical company had and isolated research facility were their researchers could work in quiet.

And everyday they would show up for work and lock themselves inside the facility so they would be undisturbed.

Until one day word about the facility got out and a large protest group began creating a huge commotion outside the facility. Large enough that it disturbed the researchers locked inside.

And because of this the researchers had to stop their work and find a way to silence the disturbance outside.

And because of this they called in the private security team to remove the protesters and silence the disturbance as they could not continue to work until the conditions were once again correct. So the team began removing all the protesters from the grounds slowly pushing them farther and farther away from the facility.

Until finally they had been removed far enough away that the researchers felt order had been restored and they could continue with their work.

And ever since that day the company has been building a new security wall around the facility to help proved added protection for the researchers.


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