Story 90 Higher Learning

Once upon a time there was an artist.

And everyday they would draw, sketch and color working on the basics.

Until one day they received an invitation  to attend a prestigious academy, The Tree of Knowledge.

And because of this the initial excitement overtook any fear and insecurities they had, but that quickly subsided, and they were suddenly filled with terror that there had been a mistake and that it was delivered to the wrong person.

And because of this they tried to disregard the invitation, just put it out of their mind as a mistake,  mistakes happen so it was just a mistake.

Until finally they were riddled with the fear of regretting the decision later, overwhelmed with the possibility that this might be the only opportunity they get to attend the school. So the decision was made to accept the invitation, even if it was a mistake.

And every since that day they’ve been climbing the ladder to higher learning, like a literal ladder since the academy is built in the trees.


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