Story 97 Snake bit

Once upon a time there was a keeper at an exotic animal facility.

And everyday she would check on all the animals, taking care of them and making sure they were safely secured to prevent escape.

Until one day she discovered one enclosure was broken, either broken into or out of, but broken either way and the exotic creature inside was missing.

And because of this she immediately place d the facility on lock down and checked all the remaining enclosures. Fortunately there was only one broken enclosure, but it was also the one holding the  most deadly creature.

And because of this the security team was dispatched to conduct a search and recovery mission.They were also equipped with additional equipment to protect them and to assist in recovering the deadly creature if possible.

Until finally after an exhaustive search they found a body, presumably the thief, and underneath was the exotic giant snake trying to maintain its heat.  Slowly they work to secure the animal and safely return it to a new enclosure.

And ever since that day security at the facility has greatly increased and all enclosures have been posted with additional information about the potential dangers in case of any future incidents.




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