Story 98 Roll the Bones

Once upon a time there was an alchemist that enjoyed living a safe and routine life.

And everyday he would take the same path to work, make the same potions and help the same customers.

Until one day his friends convinced him to try something new, let random chance make decisions. Because everyone needs a little chaos in their life to maintain balance.

And because of this he agreed to flip a coin for the decision to try it, heads for yes and tails for no. When it came up heads even his friends told him it was fate.

And because of this he started rolling the dice of smaller things, letting it take him down new paths, sometime it was good and sometimes he was just lost but it was always an adventure he learned from.

Until finally he was ready to up the ante and embrace it for making experimental potions. So he let random chance inspire his ingredients making new potions and testing the effects. Most of the effects were good……

And ever since that day he’s been the leading alchemedical researcher within all the known lands.




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