Story 99 Camp Jam

Once upon a time there was a traveling salesman.

And everyday he would set up camp outside of town and then knock on doors inviting everyone to a fireside chat, hoping to sale camping equipment to them.

Until one day he came into a town and no one was home, they were all at the local music festival.

And because of this he went to the festival  and what he saw was bigger then he imagined. People had set up camps all over and were living at the festival.

And because of this he headed back, packed up his gear and moved camp to the festival. Everyone was so immersed in the music that he went unnoticed, even when he tried to actually talk to people. He went from camp to camp with no success.

Until finally he decided to relax and listen to the music and worry about business later.

And ever since that day he’s worked with the organizers to help sponsor the camp sites with his equipment and get free access to all the shows. A working holiday.



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