Story 100 Little Bo Beep

Once upon a time there was a giant that lived in the mountains tending his sheep.

And everyday he would take his sheep out to graze in the morning and bring them back in the afternoon.

Until one day as he was ready to bring the home he was short one sheep.

And because of this he began calling for it and looking around. Along the way his calls brought a curious man named Bo, and upon hearing his troubles the tiny little Bo offered to help him find the sheep.

And because of this the giant accepted his offer because Bo could see smaller things near the ground. And they began looking high and low.

Until finally the tiny little Bo heard a noise, beep…beep…beep, and as he followed it it turned out to be the lost sheep. Some how it had gotten stuck between the giants toes.

And ever since that day the giant has been wearing hand made shoes when he goes on with his sheep.


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