100 Days of Story Spines

So having completed 100 days of story spines using Rory’s Story Cubes I’ve learned a lot and now I want to push that further.

If people want me to continue putting the story cubes out on social media daily I can and will, however, I’m looking to move into learning comics and want to start 100 days of comics or my version of that.

To make things easy for this first round I will be using 1 page of 6 equally sized panels. Eventually in the second round of my comics learning that will change and I will also go back to generating them daily with the story cubes.

So what am I doing in the first version?  Well i’m going to take the previous 100 days of story spines and make each a daily 1 page/6 panel comic.

The reasons for this are :

  1.  to learn comics and not have to worry about panels in relation to the comic or to generate the story.
  2. provide additional material for the story spines for a future self-published document of some sort, perhaps a gumroad pdf or something.
  3. to make use of the time I previously spent on the story spines for the comics so not adding additional time  or workload at the start.


I feel by focusing the effort on just making a 6 panel comic it will help me learn quicker. Once I have a good understanding and process for making those I can expand and improve the comics process and generate new story spines and comics.

The other thing I eventually  want to do with these is to pick a few and the develop the story more.

So that is my plan going forward starting on Monday  13 Mar 2027.





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