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100 Days of Story Spines

So having completed 100 days of story spines using Rory’s Story Cubes I’ve learned a lot and now I want to push that further.

If people want me to continue putting the story cubes out on social media daily I can and will, however, I’m looking to move into learning comics and want to start 100 days of comics or my version of that.

To make things easy for this first round I will be using 1 page of 6 equally sized panels. Eventually in the second round of my comics learning that will change and I will also go back to generating them daily with the story cubes.

So what am I doing in the first version?  Well i’m going to take the previous 100 days of story spines and make each a daily 1 page/6 panel comic.

The reasons for this are :

  1.  to learn comics and not have to worry about panels in relation to the comic or to generate the story.
  2. provide additional material for the story spines for a future self-published document of some sort, perhaps a gumroad pdf or something.
  3. to make use of the time I previously spent on the story spines for the comics so not adding additional time  or workload at the start.


I feel by focusing the effort on just making a 6 panel comic it will help me learn quicker. Once I have a good understanding and process for making those I can expand and improve the comics process and generate new story spines and comics.

The other thing I eventually  want to do with these is to pick a few and the develop the story more.

So that is my plan going forward starting on Monday  13 Mar 2027.




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Story 100 Little Bo Beep

Once upon a time there was a giant that lived in the mountains tending his sheep.

And everyday he would take his sheep out to graze in the morning and bring them back in the afternoon.

Until one day as he was ready to bring the home he was short one sheep.

And because of this he began calling for it and looking around. Along the way his calls brought a curious man named Bo, and upon hearing his troubles the tiny little Bo offered to help him find the sheep.

And because of this the giant accepted his offer because Bo could see smaller things near the ground. And they began looking high and low.

Until finally the tiny little Bo heard a noise, beep…beep…beep, and as he followed it it turned out to be the lost sheep. Some how it had gotten stuck between the giants toes.

And ever since that day the giant has been wearing hand made shoes when he goes on with his sheep.

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Story 99 Camp Jam

Once upon a time there was a traveling salesman.

And everyday he would set up camp outside of town and then knock on doors inviting everyone to a fireside chat, hoping to sale camping equipment to them.

Until one day he came into a town and no one was home, they were all at the local music festival.

And because of this he went to the festival  and what he saw was bigger then he imagined. People had set up camps all over and were living at the festival.

And because of this he headed back, packed up his gear and moved camp to the festival. Everyone was so immersed in the music that he went unnoticed, even when he tried to actually talk to people. He went from camp to camp with no success.

Until finally he decided to relax and listen to the music and worry about business later.

And ever since that day he’s worked with the organizers to help sponsor the camp sites with his equipment and get free access to all the shows. A working holiday.


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Story 98 Roll the Bones

Once upon a time there was an alchemist that enjoyed living a safe and routine life.

And everyday he would take the same path to work, make the same potions and help the same customers.

Until one day his friends convinced him to try something new, let random chance make decisions. Because everyone needs a little chaos in their life to maintain balance.

And because of this he agreed to flip a coin for the decision to try it, heads for yes and tails for no. When it came up heads even his friends told him it was fate.

And because of this he started rolling the dice of smaller things, letting it take him down new paths, sometime it was good and sometimes he was just lost but it was always an adventure he learned from.

Until finally he was ready to up the ante and embrace it for making experimental potions. So he let random chance inspire his ingredients making new potions and testing the effects. Most of the effects were good……

And ever since that day he’s been the leading alchemedical researcher within all the known lands.



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Story 97 Snake bit

Once upon a time there was a keeper at an exotic animal facility.

And everyday she would check on all the animals, taking care of them and making sure they were safely secured to prevent escape.

Until one day she discovered one enclosure was broken, either broken into or out of, but broken either way and the exotic creature inside was missing.

And because of this she immediately place d the facility on lock down and checked all the remaining enclosures. Fortunately there was only one broken enclosure, but it was also the one holding the  most deadly creature.

And because of this the security team was dispatched to conduct a search and recovery mission.They were also equipped with additional equipment to protect them and to assist in recovering the deadly creature if possible.

Until finally after an exhaustive search they found a body, presumably the thief, and underneath was the exotic giant snake trying to maintain its heat.  Slowly they work to secure the animal and safely return it to a new enclosure.

And ever since that day security at the facility has greatly increased and all enclosures have been posted with additional information about the potential dangers in case of any future incidents.



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Story 96 6 Million Dollar Pumpkin

Once upon a time there was a field of genetically modified plants.

And everyday scientists from around the corner would come out and observe and record data.

Until one day they were exposed to a new spore that quickly spread throughout the field.

And because of this they all had different reactions to the exposure ranging from mild to extreme.

And because of this the scientist concentrated on collecting data and taking specimens from the extreme cases.

Until finally they discovered the cause and were able to re-modify them to grow bigger, stronger, and faster.

And ever since that day the plants in the field have been the official pumpkins used in all carving contests.

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Story 95 Big Bang part two

Once upon a time there was a man that enjoyed seeing new places.

And everyday he would virtually visit new locations on earth.

Until one day he decide that he wanted to build his own world to share.

And because of this he began with ‘creation myths’ talking about how many features and terrain on the world were created.

And because of this he had many locations that he needed to create and visit on his world, so he began daily world building in 3D software.

Until finally he had his world created, and even a universe to place his world and other planets in.

And ever since that day he’s been visiting all the new locations and planets and inviting others to explore his creations as well.