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InkTober Day 18

day 18

day 18 sketch

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Boxic published as PoD


So BOXIC is finally published as a Print on Demand (PoD) title thru Amazon and CreateSpace.  The title will be available thru the other distribution channels once their process is completed, but it’s currently available thru the E-store.  If you’re interested in purchasing it see the link below.

This is the result of a learning project started several years ago, and although there is always more learning to be done this project has served it’s purposes.  The original purpose was to learn storytelling, once I thought about the format it also became about learning comics and self-publishing.

You may have seen some of my early learning projects here.  I used Rory’s Story Cubes to randomly generate images that I then molded into a story spine.  After 100 days of those I started working on comics, both my process and format, so I took some of the daily story spines and created 1 page, 6 panel comics.  The final part of the project was to learn about PoD so that meant making it available and publishing it.

My goal was to have it available,  and preferably in hand, by the end of October. This deadline meant I had to make realistic decisions to keep on track. There’s still more to learn on the subject of printing services but I made the decision to ‘publish’ the book even though I’d prefer to make additional changes to color correct the cover.

Everything learned along the way will be put to good use in later projects. One idea I have for the upcoming year is to produce a world building comic.

Price-wise, Amazon/CreateSpace have a minimum required publishing cost that change based on distribution and other requirements.  Unfortunately this means that they can ‘require’ you to sell the book at a higher cost and take a higher royalty. Good and bad right, well luckily you can create discount codes specifically for the CreateSpace E-store.  While not perfect it does bring the cost down at the loss of royalty, which I’m fine with as this was not a project I made to specifically make money from.

So if you’ve made it this far, and are interested in purchasing a copy, here are links to the store and a 4$ off discount code, which basically covers shipping cost.

Boxic E store                               Discount Code : 74XFAHHH

If you will be in Burbank this year for CTNX and would like a copy I will be ordering a few copies myself and will have them available for $5,  or the price of a Starbucks latte or a craft beer,  no shipping costs just my cost for an order.   But get in contact with me ahead of time so I can make sure I have enough copies.

For everyone that has been a part of this project in anyway  I humbly thank you.