Boxic Comic Project


Conformity kills Freedom


In a universe populated by shapes, an uptight square has dedicated his life to enforcing conformity. But when his quest for equality puts an old friend in danger, he must decide whether to turn his back on everything he believes.

Story spine

Once upon a time the freedom of the natural world gave way to one of conformity.

And everyday more and more people would exchange their freedom for a box of conformity, some involuntarily.

Until one day, an equality obsessed square was offered a promotion for bringing in his non-conforming friend star.

And because of this they attempted to force star into conformity, killing him by killing his freedom.

And because of this, square uses his promotion to being investigating the death of his friend star.

Until finally he learns the truth about conformity and what it’s doing to the world, and his idea of equality changes.

And ever since that day he’s been educating, and fighting for, everyone to be equally free.


One quote that was inspirational to me on this project was by JFK  who said  “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.”

This comic will be published through CreateSpace sometime in Oct.

I will post additional developments soon, this project has been in development for the last couple years and several other projects on my page were related to learning additional concepts, skills and software in order to complete this. See my storyspines and comics pages for reference.

This project, besides saying something I believe in, is also a learning project for a graphic novel idea called Unit-T.


Here’s a look at the current rough draft lay out.


new layout1.22 new layout2small  new layout3small










Latest cover work

boxic full cover

I still need to add an additional page i believe to the end  so the last ‘sign’ page is separate.

For those curious about the printed back, here is a quick flip through of a sample book from createspace my posted on my YouTube channel.



blue pencil Draft pdf of the first half of the book

Boxic Sqr

new panel sketches

Finished the draft storyboard/book dummy,  link below if you would like to check it out. i’ll be updating a better version soon

Boxic Draft

competed page

B01color test

I may increase the transparency of background image but the text still needs to be readable.

full color background image


and the copyright page with actual ISBN

B02color test

full cover image

full cover 3 small


another image form the book

B06.1 color