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Original Storycubes


We all know about Lil Red Riding Hood and her trip to see Grandma, but we don’t know the story of Grandma…this is that story.

In her heyday Grandma ran an extremely effective anti poaching group. Now she may refer to it as being an animal equality specialist, seeing how none of the animals could speak for themselves, but it’s really a matter of semantics.

How did Grandma get into the business you ask? Well it all started when she was a young girl and heard the circus was coming to town. At first she was overjoyed that she could see all the wonderful animals in the circus, lions and tigers and bears oh my, yes she was thrilled at the thought. As opening day fast approached she just couldn’t help but sneak out to the edge of town and see if she could get a glimpse.

Now the circus had set up in a clearing on the other side of the forest, not too far away from town but not close enough to be able to hear the animals in town either. The closer Grandma got to the edge of the forest the more alive the field seemed to get with sounds of animals. Not wanting to be seen watching, she quietly walked to the edge and hid behind a few large trees.

Suddenly she heard the roar of a big cat and goosebumps run up her arms forcing a huge grin on her face. Soon her heard another cat seemingly respond to the first and then what seemed to be a chorus of animals as most of the circus animals joined in. Last, but certainly not least, she heard a tiny trumpet of an elephant, something she had been waiting such a long time to hear and see. Even though all should could do was hear the animals she knew it wouldn’t be long before she could actually see them and so she skipped home to await the grand opening.

On opening day she raced to see the animals she heard previously heard. There was the lion, and the tiger and even the bear oh yes….. but where was the elephant?

She looked and looked but it was nowhere to be seen but yet she could faintly hear it. Dashing back into the circus camp, where the sound seemed to be coming from, darting in between tents and avoiding performers slowly she followed what seemed to be muffled sounds or the elephant.

Rounding the corner she saw it, the cutest most adorable animal she had ever seen, an elephant. She stood in awe and amazement trying to see everything about it all at once.

Those big ears, that long nose, those thick strong legs to support it’s weight, wait, what was that she saw? The elephant’s leg was chained so it couldn’t move far. In fact all it could really do was stand and maybe lie down.

Quickly her awe and amazement turned to shock and anger, that anyone would treat such a wonderful animal this way.
She knew, then and there, something had to be done, the trumpet she had heard wasn’t one of joy and happiness but sorrow and sadness. Before she could do anything she heard some people coming so she quickly whispers “I’ll be back” and heads back to the main circus area.

Everyday she sneaks back to the area and tries to figure out how to free the elephant, and more importantly how not to get caught doing it. She knows it’ll have to be done at night so she makes a black cloak to help conceal her in the darkness. She knows she’ll have to break the restraints too, but she’s not sure she can do it all at once.

Her plan is simple, well simple sounding , sneak in every night and slowly work on filing away at the restraints until it’s weak enough to break. Every night she gets closer and closer to breaking the elephant free, and every night she feels like she’s getting closer and closer to being caught.

On the last night the circus is in town she knows it has to be now or never……risking it all she brings a hammer and chisel with her …clank; she stops, looks and listens. Nothing yet, clank…clank…clank…. snappp.
She falls back as the restraints break free and the elephant looks at her. Shu she tells him, go on, you’re free, go.

It seems he didn’t need to be told twice, and with that he slowly stomps off into the forest. Watching him disappear she realizes she needs to do the same or she’ll be the one in chains. Gathering up her tools and pulling up the hood on her black cloak, she quickly and quietly slips into the woods and back home.

Ever since that day Grandma has been an animal equality specialist.



Original Storycubes

PicCo 9000

Gasilberry Bush was a simple man, he enjoyed the simple things in life. But that all came to a halt one day when he inherited a camera from his family. At first he was excited to see what new things he could capture, after all taking pictures seems simple, just point and click.

Running outside to take his very first picture he pointed, he clicked and poof the flash went off. That’s odd he thought I didn’t think I needed a flash. Let’s try that again, point, click, poof; point, click , poof; point, click , poof.

Now Gasilbery, being a simple man, was starting to get mad, it was supposed to be simple to take a picture. Then he thought, maybe it needed a flash so let’s see what pictures i got. He connected his camera to his computer and downloaded the pictures. Well that was simple enough at least, he thought. As he opened the pictures on his computer they all seemed completely overexposed. He started getting angrier that is was not simple any more and decide to put the camera away for now and not think about it.

Every few days Gasilberry Bush would take out his ‘simple’ camera and try to take a few more pictures in different settings and lighting. And each time, as before, the flash always went off and overexposed the pictures. Finally he had had enough and put the camera away for good, or so he thought. As he sat down and started to thumb through his news feed he spotted an unusual ad.

“Is your camera cursed or haunted? Are your pics constantly overexposed because the flash goes off no matter what ? Have you tried covering the flash down only to burn your fingers, have you tried taping over it only to see the tape vanish and each time the flash still goes off.
Then you need the Simply Amazing PicCo 9000 , it will turn your frown upside down or your money back.
What is the PicCo 9000 you say? Well it’s an auto-correcting lens filter that not only corrects for cursed and haunted flashes but it literally will turn your subject frowns upside in the picture.
Simply Amazing you say? why yes it is and you can have it for the simply amazing price of 9000 bronze silvers.”

Wow he thought, that sounds simply amazing and simple. He selects the rush delivery option and no sooner had he pushed the buy now button the his doorbell rings and it’s the Simply Amazing courier. That’s amazing Gasilbery tells him, no that’s ‘Simply Amazing’ the courier replies with a wink and a smile.

Fumbling as he excitedly opens the package, he see’s it, the PicCo 9000 and it’s glowing. No really, it’s literally glowing as the packaging has small battery operated LED lights that make it glow in the box.

Carefully removing it from the package he inspects the filter, well it seems simple enough. He takes his camera out of storage and slowly attaches the filter to the lense. Now for the moment of truth…….Point, Click, Poof. Quickly he connects to his computer and downloads the latest picture.

And then it happens, that normal frown he has from from seeing his pictures turns upside down as he looks at the most wondrous, and simply amazing, picture he’s ever taken, of his wall.

It works, it works he cries with glee, it simply works. Now Gasilberry Bush is simply happy to take pictures of everything. And you too can be just as happy if you purchase the PicCo 9000 for your camera today.

The preceding storymercial was a paid advertisement of the Simply Amazing PicCo 9000.